Located in Kimonyi Sector, Musanze District, in Northern Province of Rwanda, HROC Center is both accessible and still community-based with 100m from Ruhengeri-Gisenyi Road, Center of Kimonyi, and 200m from Kimonyi Sector Office.


  • Drive
    • Just go on Ruhengeri-Gisenyi Road from the town of Musanze to Gisenyi. Center of Kimonyi is right after INES Ruhengeri where people are playing music and radio around several shops. The green gate of HROC is on your right if you turn into the right path at Center of Kimonyi, opposite the left path to Kimonyi Sector Office, and go through a small vegetable market and carpenters.


  • Public Transportation
    • You can take mini-bus for Nyabihu/Gisenyi from the town of Musanze, and get off at Centre of Kimonyi. Walking down the right path from the main road led to Kivumu village, you can see our green gate written “Healing and Rebuilding Our Communities” on your right, just after community vegetable market and carpenters. Motorbikes or bicycles can also bring you there.

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