Our Mission is literally shown in the official name of our organization, “Healing and Rebuilding Our Communities.”

HROC Rwanda is a faithful organization leading psychological supports for  people and communities undergoing traumatic conflicts to be healed and rebuild their peaceful lives.

Workshop and mental support are operative in each community nationwide, for those suffering from genocide miseries, domestic violence, or any kind of traumatic experiences.

Healing and Rebuilding Our Communities (HROC) is a DSC_0910type of trauma healing approach that was created in Rwanda in 2003. Rwanda has been plagued by a brutal history of colonization, civil war, ethnic hatred, and genocide. As the country strives to build sustainable peace, it is clear that in order to move forward, communities must grapple with the consequences of violence.

The HROC three-day basic workshop was created to help participants examine and discuss the consequences of violence in their lives by bringing together people from opposing sides of conflict. This  workshop focuses on understanding trauma, loss, grief, and mourning, how to deal with the consequences (such as anger, depression, isolation) and rebuilding community trust.

The basic workshop is a corner stone in our program designed to build community capacity to respond to wide-spread trauma and to strengthen interconnections and reduce isolation. Many participants move on to advanced training to become Healing Companions or facilitators in their communities to better accompany their families, neighbors and community members on their journeys of healing.

Through trauma healing workshops, AVP (Alternative to Violence Project) trainings, scholarship programs and Peace Libraries we strive to rebuild and empower communities and individuals throughout Rwanda. These activities and programs are guided by principles that acknowledge each person’s inner goodness and ability to love.