The HROC Rwanda Center

HROC Rwanda now has a permanent home!

HROC Rwanda has recently put a downpayment on a property located in Musanze, Rwanda! We plan to make this complex a conference center for HROC Rwanda. Currently we have moved our head offices and the Musanze branch of the Children’s Peace Library to the new location. Purchase of this property1779914_478777048901178_215304192_n is an amazing step for the sustainable development of HROC Rwanda because we will no longer have to pay rent for our offices, libraries, and halls for trainings. We will also be also be able to use the plot for income generating activities. We have both a short-term and long-term plan for the plot. The developed portion of the plot currently contains one large building and one small outbuilding and a large cleared courtyard enclosed by a 6 foot high stone wall. In the short-term, The large building will house our offices, the Peace Library, and serve as a conference space for workshops and trainings. The largest room of the building will be subdivided into two or three smalls guest rooms. Use of these rooms will serve to generate income for the future development of the plot. Additional space for very large conferences will be provided for by setting up a conference tent in the courtyard.

Long-term development plan: The back of the plot outside the stone wall is currently undeveloped, containing only a large stone cistern and a greenhouse. Once funding allows, plans are to build two rectangular two-story buildings on the property. The first one to be built will run parallel along the back boundary of the plot. The downstairs of this building will contain a large conference room, a room for the library and several small offices. The second story will consist of guest rooms. The second building to be built will run parallel to the left boundary. This building will contain guest rooms as well as an indoor kitchen. Both building will also contain bathrooms with indoor plumbing. Musanze is home to a booming eco-tourism industry, with the city being filled by tourists who come to see the gorillas in Virunga National Park each summer. Building a modern guesthouse will allow us to attract some of these visitors. Use of our guest rooms by visitors will serve as a source of income; additionally, the conference room could be rented out for local gatherings or events. Once the first building has been completed, the original building could be removed or converted into guest rooms or additional office space. Possible distant future plans involve building a conference center on the location of the original building which could be rented out for weddings and other large community events.

If you’d like to give a donation towards the development of the new HROC Rwanda Center, please see our Support Our Work page. Thanks for your interest!