About HROC

Our Mission:   Healing and Rebuilding Our Communities (HROC) – Rwanda   strives to provide psychological support and training to Rwandan people and communities that have experienced genocide, sexual/domestic violence and trauma of any kind; simultaneously HROC- Rwanda promotes peace education…

HROC Rwanda Programs

HROC Rwanda has five major programs currently operating: HROC Workshops Youth Scholarship Program Children’s Peace Library The Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP) Growing Together in Rwanda

HROC Philosophy

The HROC program is based on a set of key principles and assumptions. First, HROC believes that in every person, there is something good. This is a radical notion in societies where most members have witnessed neighbors and even family…

HROC Workshops

Testimonies from the 7th International Training

   “I enjoyed this International Training I feel that HROC in Rwanda has blessed me with experience. I like the way we participated in the community work during Umuganda. I opt to know so many wonderful people from East Africa….

HROC Office Gate

2016 HROC International Training Participants

Participants from Burundi Participants from Rwanda Participants from Kenya and the USA Interpreter and Cooks HROC Facilitators House Parents and African Great Lakes Initiative (AGLI) Volunteers

2016 February/March International Training

The three-week HROC International Training begins 21st February 2016.

Helping to Heal a Younger Generation

Report of a HROC Workshop in May 2014 FOLLOWING THE TRAINING we had with youth survivors of genocide in April, we were asked by IBUKA (genocide survivors association) in Kimonyi to have a workshop with youth survivors (or children of survivors)…

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HROC for Disabled Persons and their Families

HROC RWANDA RECENTLY HOSTED two Basic HROC workshops for people with disabilities and people with disabled family members. “Many people despise us and discriminate against us because of our disabilities. Thank you HROC for working with us, listening to us, and…

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Growing Together in Kibuye

IN MARCH, Healing and Rebuilding Our Communities Rwanda embarked on a Growing Together in Rwanda project hosting 2 workshops in Kibuye, Rwanda. Growing Together works to address the root causes of chronic malnutrition by providing both theoretical knowledge of proper…

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