Personal Stories

DSC_0009The agenda was composed of role plays, trust walk, tree of mistrust/suspicion, tree of trust and group discussion. What a good day!!! It was very touching, inspiring, full of love to see how   ex-prisoners [Hutu accused of participating in the genocide] and survivors [of the genocide] were holding each other and carefully they walked together.” ~Rwandan participant
Each time I tried to find something to hold on to, my friend told me, ‘Don’t worry, I see for you’ and I believed.” ~Rwandan participant.
When there is mistrust you see your neighbour as your enemy. DSC_0033You think  there is no one you can talk to. You feel there is no one who respects your  ideas. People point to what happened in the past and when they accuse you, you think there is nothing good I can do and you doubt every day. But when you trust you think of other people and you do not feel alone, you share with  your neighbour and try to help them solve their problem as if it was your  own. And you forgive, you have to trust yourself in order to ask for  forgiveness.” ~Papa Samweri
I am happy for this program because we are together, even though we came from different sectors, churches, even tribes [Tutsi, Hutu, and Twa]. I discovered how to build a good society after seeing the tree of trust.” ~Rwandan participant.
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