Children’s Peace Library Musanze

Children’s Peace Library Musanze is a small community library located in HROC Center.

It started as one of Children’s Peace Libraries managed by TLC Rwanda, and is now operating independently as a project of HROC.

As many as 700 books are available here, still the library seeking for promotion among neighbors and increasing of the number of books in Kinyarwanda. Children’s Peace Library Musanze is also equipped with books on psychology, mental health or peace building, which leads even adults to quantitative and qualitative research related to HROC activities.



The first Children’s Peace Library opened in Kicukiro, Kigali in 2009. Since then, four other libraries were additionally opened in Gisenyi and Kanzenze (Rubavu District), Byumba (Gicumbi District), and Ruhengeri (Musanze District). Those Children’s Peace Libraries have offered free access to read books for children. As well as developing English literacy of youth as a country switched its medium of instruction from French to English in 2008, those libraries have fostered creativity as culture of reading, harmonized and cooperative values as peace education.

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