Basic Workshop

HROC offers three-day workshop of healing trauma and rebuilding communities. Healing Companions in each community and our HROC staff and experts facilitators work together with participants of genocide survivors, perpetrators and past refugees who were absent at that time, rescuers, HIV/AIDS affected people, and other groups of people according to why the workshop

In the workshop, those participants dedicate their three days to understanding the definition, causes, symptoms and consequences of trauma, as well as learning loss, grief and mourning, sharing their experiences, and then learning how to rebuild a trust in communities.

There are 30-40 workshops operated per year. Healing Companions continuously support those participants through monitoring and living together at the communities, as well as being invited to Capacity Building Trainings or Refreshment Trainings for those volunteers.

  • Training of Trainers

Volunteers are chosen among past-participants of Basic Workshop by HROC Facilitators, and join this Training of Trainers to become Healing Companions. Here they learn principles, process and techniques for workshop management and post workshop support in three days. Completion and approval from HROC Center let them become Healing Companion to lead Basic Workshops in their communities.

  • Capacity Building Training

This Capacity Building Training aims for improvement and higher step-ups for operative Healing Companions. HROC offers further skills and techniques to manage community healing and rebuilding, as well as deeper understanding on psychological processes.

  • Refreshment Training

Those volunteers are also invited to Refreshment Training after their own management of several workshops. Those trainees share their experiences and feelings even including difficulties they’ve faced when functioning as Healing Companions. Through this feedback and capacity expanding, they review their principles and works to bring back to their communities.

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