Growing Together in Kibuye

IN MARCH, Healing and Rebuilding Our Communities Rwanda embarked on a Growing Together in Rwanda project hosting 2 workshops in Kibuye, Rwanda. Growing Together works to address the root causes of chronic malnutrition by providing both theoretical knowledge of proper nutrition and the practical skills needed to grow and prepare a variety of foods.

For this project, we worked with 50 women who were previously trained in HROC, most of whom are genocide survivors and/or married to perpetrators who are in prison. At the conclusion of their basic training last year, this group formed themselves into a permanent community-development organization which has been growing ever since. They requested an agricultural project to work on, so HROC decided to implement a Growing Together program that we hope will be a sustainable project in the community!

The two workshops in March included a revision of HROC lessons, information on nutrition and cultivation, and training on the creation of sack gardens for growing vegetables in limited spaces. We created sack gardens during our time together and distributed seeds so that the women can create gardens of their own at home. We’ll be visiting soon to see how the gardens are going and to work on the next stage of the project- introducing goats. HROC received funding to buy 50 women goats that will provide fertilizer for their gardens and milk for their children, so we are eager to return to Kibuye to distribute goats!DSC_0973

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