HROC 12th International Training

In July, 2018, eleven international participants from South Sudan, USA, Nigeria, Kenya, and Rwanda have accomplished three week training of HROC. They deepened their understandings on trauma and its recovery processes and received certification as Healing Companion completing practice facilitation at communities.

According to their testimonies below, it seems that HROC programs are highly demanded also in their own home communities. We hope our participants will meet those needs using their knowledge and skills learnt from HROC International Training.

Testimonies of participants:

“I myself needed Hroc to heal. I know I am traumatized due to my story. I am going back home in Nigeria to help a group of widows that I am responsible of. I am also going to voulunteer muself and join a Hroc group of facilitators that is already in Nigeria”. Thank you for having me here, I really enjoyed the training, and the country, especially the Musanze climate and healty food.

Deborah, from Nigeria

“I really appreciated what Hroc is doing, I have learned a lot, and got new skills and experiences from this training. I got to understand people’s wounds the most. I work with different groups of people especially refugees, and other people that work closely with refugees such as police,,,. So we are going to organize some Hroc activities, because Hroc is already there, but there were no facilitators. Thank you for letting us coming to this one”

Rama, from USA

“I am so much thankful for I was able to attend this training. It’s a blessing to me and to my community. I got my ways out of trauma. I work with a peace organization back to Kenya, and I am taking new skills, listening to people accompanying them through healing process. I will also joing a group of facilitator in Kakamega(Kenya)”.

Joseph, from Kenya

“I am sure this program of Hroc will be very useful to my community which has know long term consequences of trauma, and still living in conflict. We will go to IDP camps to organize Hroc workshops there. Thank you so much for the training.”

Joseph, from South Sudan

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