Testimonies from the 7th International Training


  •  “I enjoyed this International Training I feel that HROC in Rwanda has blessed me with experience. I like the way we participated in the community work during Umuganda. I opt to know so many wonderful people from East Africa. I truly felt the facilitators were able with questions I struggled with in facilitation and gave great advice in helping others. HROC is an amazing organization and it touches so many lives. I am happy to be part of it”
  • “I left Burundi with a burden heart, full of sorrows. Arriving here, meeting everyone I felt relieved because of HROC. After so long, I gained some weight and it’s all because of the time I spent with everyone and your caring heart. I hadn’t shared anything with anyone about me, but because of every lesson we went through I said everything as if it was a story I was narrating, it was strange to me but health because I feel at ease now.”
  •  “I learn two important lessons in this 7th International Training, one is the importance of mourning our looses, secondly how to break the cycle of revenge. It’s hard but seeing the beauty of reconciliation I felt that I must be the actor of change in Burundi.”
  •  “When I first arrived at the training I was not in the right mindset. I was tired from work, missing home after being away already for 6 months and I missed the ones I loved. I knew doing HROC would uplift, inspire and educate me, but fully experience it has been more than I ever hoped. I already had years in facilitating and planning, but coming in with a novice mindset allowed me to learnt so much more. Many questions were answered and areas for me to improve on that I had not been aware of has so helpful. And on top of all that my whole self and spirit has been inspired by our facilitators and fellows participants. I made friends and people I could go to for questions and I found another community full of love, acceptance and desire to learn and make a real difference in this world.”
  • “First of all, I learnt how to well listen. I had not give much value to well listen to others until I came to this training. I was living with a heart full of grieve until I was here in this training to have people to listen to me and took away my grieve.”

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