Sustainable Implementation of HPV in Daily School Activities

On July 22nd, 23rd, 24th and 29th 2019, HROC offered the training “Sustainable Implementation of Healing and Preventing Violence in Daily School Activities” for teachers in neighboring schools, in collaboration with Kimonyi Sector and JICA Volunteer.

Mujawamariya Christine (Sector Education Officer of Kimonyi Sector), Kwizera Jeremie (HROC Facilitator) and Risa Sonoda (JICA Volunteer in Musanze District) facilitated the training, and 88 teachers from GS Kitabura, GS Birira, CS Kivumu and Keystone School participated. They learned how they can avoid any kind of physical or verbal violence in their schools, how they can peacefully mediate children’s conflicts, and how they can apply those techniques in daily lessons with learners-centred approach.

The teachers in charge of class management received follow-up materials at the end of the training, which are to be observed by HROC once in a semester. This system enables the teachers to be continuously conscious of non-violent management and mediation at schools, and enhance the measurement of effectiveness of HPV as HROC activity.

Punishment only results in negative feedback which is “respect as fears”

Participant from GS Birira

The training was very impressive because we learned not only concepts but also how we can use and apply them technically in daily school activities

Participant from Keystone School

Peaceful education will be possible if we all can implement what we have learnt through this workshop

Participant from GS Kitabura

“The importance of ‘why'” was very important. I will develop good relationships with student through good listening

Participant from CS Kivumu

I will guide learners not by forcing them or by violence

Participant from GS Kitabura

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