International Day of the African Child

On June 26th 2019, HROC celebrated International Day of the African Child with neighboring schools in Kimonyi Sector.

175 students from GS Kitabura, GS Birira, CS Kivumu and Keystone joined together at HROC Conference Hall to watch a Disney animation film “Coco.”

The children made friends in other schools, enjoyed the film and learned various lessons through the story. Sector Education Officer of Kimonyi, Christine Mujawamariya facilitated children’s discussion after the film, and children from each school shared what they learned.

Some stated they saw how the 12-year-boy tried hard and never gave up attaining his dream to be a musician in spite of hardships. Some said that it is important to love and respect families. Some also mentioned the boy succeeded to meet his grand father despite his death.

It was an honor of HROC to provide this opportunity for children in our community to enjoy and learn, and to let them know our Children’s Peace Library for their further development of literacy and creativity.

This project was arranged by Risa Sonoda, a JICA volunteer working with HROC for more than a year, and supported by KOICA volunteers with theire project “Cinema Paradiso.”

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