HROC for Disabled Persons and their Families

HROC RWANDA RECENTLY HOSTED two Basic HROC workshops for people with disabilities and people with disabled family members.

“Many people despise us and discriminate against us because of our disabilities. Thank you HROC for working with us, listening to us, and please continue to represent us in the community.”

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Growing Together in Kibuye

IN MARCH, Healing and Rebuilding Our Communities Rwanda embarked on a Growing Together in Rwanda project hosting 2 workshops in Kibuye, Rwanda. Growing Together works to address the root causes of chronic malnutrition by providing both theoretical knowledge of proper nutrition and the practical skills needed to grow and prepare a variety of foods.
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Combine Holiday Shopping with Providing Healthcare!

10424337_10152861464811678_5676736968503653568_nYOU CAN NOW COMBINE supporting Rwandan families in need of health insurance with your holiday shopping! Please consider making a gift out of one of these lovely totes while helping HIV/AIDS affected families get the care they need.
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